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Presentation of the company


The HelioScreen.Labs laboratory is only dedicated to the evaluation of the effectiveness of the solar products. It is particularly implied in the realization of in vitro methods and proposes a substrate of measurement patented Helioplates HD  Continuation (only french)...

Our activity

Contrary to the majority of the laboratories realizing of the tests, the laboratory HelioScreen Labs. is only dedicated to the evaluation of the solar products, why this choice?

DL : the solar product formulation is rather particular and requires quite specific knowledge. The solar product is a little  Continuation (only french) ...

Partnership with laboratory Dermscan

Having been partners since 2003, Laboratoire Dermscan and HelioScreen® Labs. are launching a new kit of in vitro and in vivo tests for sunscreen products

Lyon, 1 October 2007 – Laboratoire Dermscan, the expert in the in vivo testing of sunscreen products, and HelioScreen® Labs., the specialist in evaluating them in vitro, are strengthening their collaboration by combining their skills to offer a complete new in vitro / in vivo service in the field of sunscreen testing  Continuation ...