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Quality Method

A contribution to the control of suncare products quality

Objectives of the method:

If the qualification of solar protection by the cosmetic products tends today to being well apprehended, even strongly recommended by the authorities (1) by in vitro methods, there is not method making it possible to consider overall the quality of a product manufactured with regard to the relevance of its claim of protection against the UV of which it is however the major claim  Continuation ...


HELIOPLATE HD a new substrate for absorption measurement

Historic and origin of the project

HelioScreen labs Laboratories, proposed in 2000 as a new substrate (Helioplate). This substrate was specifically designed for determination of SPF (1) or any other solar protection factors .protection following the method proposed by Diffey and Robson (2) .Unless it was a real contribution for the in vitro testing process, there were still some problem of reproducibility and question about roughness and quality of the plates  Continuation ...

Manual Helioplate

HELIOPLATE ™ HD substrate for absorption measurement

This document describes a new substrate for spectrophotometric measurement of sun protection indexes. It presents the state of the art, the explanation of a new manufacturing process, as well as the main characteristics of Helioplate HD, information about their production and their quality control Continuation ...

Technical Sheets HelioScreen Labs

Technical sheets HelioScreen tests  See technical sheet ...

In vitro tests: Is this already the good choice?

Validation In Vitro tests

 • Only based on the values obtained by methods in vivo!

 • Problems

 - Methods in vivo: variability inter laboratory (especially for the UVA) and very different according to products'!)

 - Photostability of the product to be taken into account. (what returns to pre irradiating the product before testing it in vitro!)  Continuation ...

Proposal for a new approach for the quality control of the solar products

presents AFFSAPS & D. Lutz (HelioScreen Labs.) Paris, 2008,December 05

To control a solar product “compared to its effectiveness” is essential!

The purpose of a solar product of protection is to protect the consumer. One “level thus should not only be guaranteed” and a “quality” of protection, but it is also necessary to make sure of its stability and conformity:

 - Batches with batches when it is manufactured    industrially.

 - When it undergoes small minor evolutions flat not requiring a handing-over of all the tests in time

 - When the product “ages”

It is necessary to be able to guarantee the conformity of the industrial batches manufactured compared to a standard on which one will have carried out a whole series of tests beforehand allowing to determine the whole of the properties of the product put on the market  Continuation ...

Contribution to measuring In Vitro protection. Some keys for the  reliability of Sunscreen spectrophotometric

Dominique LUTZ.  Hélioscience®

Laboratoires Davenne

3 rue Alfred de Vigny 78112 Fourqueux

Presented at the 2nd European UV Sunfilters conference Paris 3 November 1999


 1.1  In Vivo and In vitro methods

In VIVO tests for sunscreen evaluation are quite expensive and time consuming. As a consequence, much research has been made to the development of In Vitro techniques for assessing the photo-protection of sunscreen compounds

The most known method consists in measuring the spectral transmission of UV radiation through a substrate (quartz plate, Transporeâ, vitroskin)  Continuation ...

Photostability of filters and sun preparations

Presented at COSMED by D LUTZ Laboratoires HelioScreen Labs. Continuation ...

Evaluation sun products Methods In Vitro Presented at Paris 2002 by D LUTZ Laboratoires HelioScreen Labs. Continuation ...

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