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 Determination of the in vitro SPF

Determination of the in vitro SPF

Nowdays sun care products are highly technical and sophisticated cosmetic products.All basic ingredients such as filter systemes or additives, must be carefully selected not only for their performance in both the UVA and UVB spectrum, but also regardind their influence on photostabilité  Continuation ...

Investigation on the Correlation Between in vivo and in vitro Methods for Assessing the Solar Protection Factor of Sunscreens

Sergio L. Oliveira R&D Scientific Affairs JOHNSON & JOHNSON - Brazil

R&D Scientific Affairs – Nov/2007

To investigate the correlation between in vivo and different in vitro methods for assessing the Solar Protection Factor (SPF) of sunscreen products. In this study two different formula bases of sunscreens were investigated  Continuation ...

The COLIPA SPF test method the devil is in the details

Mike Brown The Suncare Scientific Adviser The BOOTS COMPANY PLC

Brief History

1980’s - 3 methods (US-FDA, DIN & Australian)

Major differences in methodology

Leading to large differences in SPF
1990 - COLIPA Task Force “SPM” established

Assemble leading suncare experts from European industry

Review existing SPF methods and adopt all best practices

Propose a European method with a view to future International harmonisation

1994 - COLIPA SPF Test Method published  Continuation ...